Exploring Shepherd’s Bush Market

Last Wednesday Miles Coverdale Year 3 set off to Shepherd’s Bush Market to explore its stalls, shops and stories.  The children completed a trail looking at all of the various goods sold today at the market and were able to meet many of the marketeers also.

They saw bangles & belly-dancing outfits, fish & fruit, jewellery & jugs, household goods, hijabs & halal meat, rugs & reggae music, west African foods and fabrics, shoes, eels & electronics, crabs & children’s toys, a parrot and a whole lot more!

Year 3 learnt how some shops had been there a long time; like E. Mills and Son Linoleum Ltd since 1916 and Websters Record Shop and African Farms for over 40 years.

Children described the market as colourful, friendly, delicious,  interesting, warm, wicked, noisy, smelly and fun.