Primary History


Primary History

World War One Explorers

What was life like in Hammersmith & Fulham in World War One?  We will use stories of local characters, key events, source materials and methods of historical enquiry to discover the secrets of the past and make links across time.

Links to Key Stage 2 History (Local History Study)

World War Two Explorers

Discover the impact of World War Two on the lives of people in Hammersmith. Following a classroom session to set the scene, children see what evidence they can find of WW2 with the help of archive photographs of bomb damage during a trail around central Hammersmith.

Links to Key stage 2 History (Local History Study)

Market Detectives

Uncover the vibrant atmosphere, cultural heritage and diversity of people, goods and foods at your local market. Children will learn the history of their local market and collect data via surveys and interviews whilst exploring evidence of change with archive photographs and maps.

Links to KS2 History and Geography

Victorian Hammersmith

An introductory presentation highlights aspects of life in the borough during Victorian times. This is followed by a trail around Hammersmith identifying features of Victorian heritage.

Links to Key stage 2 History

1908 London Olympics

The first London Olympics took place a century ago in the area now known as White City. Learn about some of the main events of the games in a classroom based introduction, followed by a trail around White City looking for evidence of the stadium and associated Franco-British Exhibition.

 Links to Key stage 2 History (Local History Study)

Tales of the Thames Path (Riverside History)

The riverside area of the Thames  has a rich history from a range of periods. Through direct observation and investigation students can gain an understanding of the area’s changing character and increase their knowledge of the people and events which have shaped our past.

Session can be run in Hammersmith, Fulham or Chelsea, starting at your school if more convenient

Links to Key stage 1 and Key stage 2 History

Hammersmith’s Black History Walk

After a brief introduction, we take a walk through some key historical sites where children learn about the rich Black History of the borough. From the shameful past of 17th century slave trade, through key characters  from the abolitionist movement, to heroes of the 20th century such as Mary Seacole, Marcus Garvey and William and Ellen Craft, who made Hammersmith and Fulham their home. The session helps children discover how West London has been fundamentally shaped by the diverse and changing world around it, at times playing centre stage to some key historical social changes which paved the way to the multicultural London of today.

Links to Key stage 2 History.