Earls Court Project

The Urban Studies Centre has been working on the Earls Court Education project in partnership with Capco as part of the consultation, development and build process for this major regeneration project.

Earls Court GuideDiscovering Earls Court Cover
Working with local schools, we have produced a guide ‘Discovering Earls Court’ showcasing the childrens work and interesting discoveries made during their learning sessions with us.

Please scroll below for more information on how each school has explored their local area.

We are looking forward to working with more local schools in future. Please be in touch if you are interested in particiapting. 0208 741 7138 learn@hfusc.org.uk


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Juan1Servite RC Primary School Year 2 2014
Children from Year 2 explored their local area in a heritage trail, focusing on Brompton Cemetery, iconic local buildings and visits to Earls Court One and the marketing showroom. They produced some wonderful super sentences about their experiences and drew wonderful drawings which will be used in the final discovery trail. Here is a taster of some of their work.


Brompton Cemetery is old. The Empress Building is high. Earls Court One and Two are good.’ Gawain.
Brompton Cemetery is special because important people got buried there. We went to Earls Court One. We saw some amazing models’. Laura.
Earls Court Exhibition Centre is planning to knock down Earls Court One and Two so they can make new houses’. Isabella.

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Fulham Primary School 2015
Children from year 3 explored North End Road Market, conducting environmental surveys and interviews to discover how the market is doing. They created posters to encourage people to visit North End Road and visited Lillie Square marketing suite to discover the plans for Lillie Square and Earls Court. After sharing their views with professionals, children created North End Road tee shirts and exhibited their work on Fulham Primary Market stall at North End Road summer market.
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The Fulham Boys School 2015
Year 7 explored Earls Court as part of their Urban Landscapes topic. The students visited the Lille Square construction site viewing platform, discovered the many job roles and skills required for a redevelopment and visited the marketing suite before meeting built environment experts to discuss the pro’s and con’s of the development. Through the duration of the project the students were able to become familiar with a real life case study of changing urban landscapes, providing opportunities for discussion and critical thinking on local and city wide housing and construction developments. The boys finished the project by creating dioramas demonstrating their impression of Earls Court.
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Servite RC Primary School Year 2 2015
Children explored their local streets and future changes at Erals Court by exploring stories of local people at Brompton Cemetery and visiting the Lille Square building site and show room. The children created their own maps of future Earls Court after exploring their ideas about changes in their area.

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Year 7 The Fulham Boys School, 2016
Two Year 7 classes explored Earls Court as part of their Urban Landscapes topic this year. With demolition of the iconic Earls Court buildings in view from their geography classrooom window, the boys were able to observe the changes happening both inside and outside their classroom. Students explored their immediate local area on a short history trail, uncovering the location of the old coal depot and the lost river of Counters Creek before visiting the construction site and marketing suite. Boys also explored the history of Gibbs Green and West Kensington Estates with archive photography and maps before producing their own word picture ‘wordle’ giving their perspective of positive and less favourable aspects of an urban landscape.

Year 6 Fulham Primary School Winter Term 2016
Year 6 children discovered the Earls Court area with their futures in mind. The children looked into the past of Earls Court, its significance in the area and the exhbition grounds. Visiting the Lillie Road marketing suite, a show flat, interviewing the sales team and visting the demolition site, children then pooled their thoughts and ideas for a future Earls Court, representing their ideas in a model of their ideal lost river Park with features respresetning the, historical shows, architecture, events and achievements that took place in this area throughout its history.

Sir John Lillie Primary School, Summer 2016
4F and 4O children at Sir John Lillie were excited to be exploring their local area and the future changes of Earls Court. Building on existing local geography and history learning in school, we led a discovery trail observing changes and uncovering interesting facts about Clement Attlee Estate and Normand Park.  The groups loved visiting the new Earls Court Project Rooms to learn all about the changes happening at Earls Court; Children were able to study the models, maps and information about the demolition and build process as well as learn about wider changes happening across London. More outdoor learning took place when we re-visited Normand Park to talk with local people about their opinions, knowledge and stories of the local area. Bringing together all of their experiences, children created poems and collage pictures to show their perspectives and impressions of the local area.  These were exhibited at a celebration event back at the Earls Court Project Rooms.








Bousfield Primary School, Summer 2016
Earls Court village was the focus of Bousfield’s exploration. Learning all about the past and present in the Earls Court area, children visited the village, carrying out shop and traffic surveys. Comparing this area with a rural surrey village, children’s wrote ‘wish you were here’ postcards to promote the exciting local places nearby and to let others know of future change coming to the area.

Childrens Storybook and Scapbook
These resources above have been created using children’s original project work. Click on the titles to see their fantastic work.
Earls Court Storybook 2014
Our North End Road Scrapbook

Teaching Resources
This resource consists of a series of lesson plans on urban regeneration that can be used for Key Stages 2 and 3, in any location where regeneration is planned. There are also a series of case studies that illustrate the practical use of this education resource.

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