Shepherds Bush Market

The Urban Studies Centre worked with Year 3 from Miles Coverdale Primary School to explore the heritage of Shepherds Bush Market in West London. The children visited the market, met professionals involved in the future of the market and went on to create a drama piece and film all about the market’s history and stories.

IMG_2479Children explore future plans for Shepherd's Bush MarketBM Fruit and veg stall

Scroll down below to read our blog following the project and take a look at all of our resources too! 

Watch the Shepherds Bush Market Heritage film here! 

Shepherds Bush Market Heritage Session Plans | Shepherds Bush Market Case Studies

The resources created consist of a series of lesson plans on exploring your local heritage location. Accompanying the lesson plans are case studies of each of the sessions detailing the project work that Miles Coverdale children have worked on and providing a practical use and example of the educational resource.

These resources were created with funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund ‘All Our Stories’ grant.


Celebration and Video Screening

September 2013

We’ve Made a Film! Take a look at it here

SBM CS Image 8_1 Children

Children from Miles Coverdale Primary School recently came to the Urban Studies Centre to present their project and show the first big screening of their film about the heritage of Shepherds Bush Market.

Children explained their project, told a brief history of the market before reading our their poems and introducing the film to a large audience of teachers, Urban Study Centre members, friends, guests, trustees and Hammersmith & Fulham Mayor, Frances Stainton.

SBM presentation MayorIMG_2906 (1)IMG_2871

Frances presented the children with a certificate for all of their hard work before we enjoyed cake and drinks to celebrate the project and also 30 years of the Urban Studies Centre!.


End of Project Assembly!

Well done Year 3!   After a few weeks of devising and rehearsing their piece for an assembly and conducting more interviews, Year 3 at Miles Coverdale Primary School held an assembly for other classes, their parents and some of the professionals involved in the Heritage Lottery Fund ‘All Our Stories’ project.

We spent the morning putting finishing touches to the piece and practicing before heading down to the hall. Emily introduced the assembly and showed a short film of some of the interviews an market activity that the children had collected over the weeks. A work in progress with video editing skills being developed as we go!

Take a look at the video here (And beware the sound quality and level varies quite alot throughout).

We have had some wonderful feedback from the children and teacher at Miles Coverdale, not only about what they’ve learnt but how much they’ve enjoyed the experience.

Here are some quotes:
Meanwell: I didn’t realise that the market has changed so much since it began
Rea: I learnt acting skills – before, I had stage fright!
Sandra: The market is a popular place. There is lots of diversity and variety at the market
Chantai: I learnt that they keep old newspapers in the archive. I enjoyed seeing the microfilm
Mohammed: I never knew the market was nearly 100 years old. I didn’t know they used to sell horse meat and rabbits at the market
Fariah: I learnt that some shops have been passed down through generations
Okba: People have been working for many years at Shepherd’s Bush Market!

Thank You!
It’s been really fun and a real privilege to work with Year 3 at Miles Coverdale, Ms Thomas their teacher, Jules Tipton, our Director, the professionals from H&F Borough Archive and the Orion Design Team and of course, the wonderful people who work at Shepherd’s Bush Market. We would live to send a huge thank you to everyone who has been involved in the project,

Next Steps
The next stage of the project is to pull together all of the hard work done by the children to make a longer film detailing the history of the market and bringing in more stories that they recorded. We’ll also be pulling together some learning resources and portable displays for others to use as they explore the Heritage of Shepherd’s Bush Market.


Mid June: Practice, Practice Practice

No, there hasn’t been a scandal. We are just rehearsing!

We have spent the last two weeks working hard with Jules Tipton practicing our drama skills and creating tableaus for our end of project assembly. What fun!

Last week we recapped all of the key events in Shepherd Bush market, from Mr Crowe buying land from the railway in 1914, new shops and stalls in the 1920’s and 30’s, to bombings in the second world war, rabbits for sale and then the enormous changes in diversity of people and goods from around the world throughout the second half of the 20th Century.

Here are some of the children practising their tableaus. Can you guess what they’re doing?

This week we practices some more after some serious voice coaching work.
CChh – PPpp – Bbbba – KKKkk – TTtt

Some of the children recorded their poems too.

At the end of the sessions, children shared what they had learnt and enjoyed from the past two sessions.

Meanwell: ‘I learnt that drama is SO fun!’.
Falak: ‘I learnt about all of the things that happened in the past’.
Okba ‘…People in the market had fun ways of selling stuff’.
Sandra: ‘I learnt to get confidence in myself’.
Rea ‘I feel less shy now and I can be confident’.

Wednesday 5th June: Interviews and filming at Shepherd’s Bush Market

Yesterday was film day.

Miles Coverdale Year 3 set off to Shepherd’s Bush Market with clipboards full of filming tasks; their challenge was to interview stall holders, shop keepers and visiting public to explore and capture stories of Shepherd’s Bush Market.

Here are some photos of the day, taken by the children ……

Abdulahi interviews a shopkeeper who's business moved into the shop in 1936

We interviewed many of the stall holders and shop keepers, learning of the stories of their families and how they came to work at the market.  One shop holder told us of how horses were once kept under the arches, another how the market used to be so busy that you couldn’t walk across from one side to the other.


….and here’s a link to a video taken of the market, also to fulfill mission:explore‘s Summer Camp Day 5 challenge of taking a 360 degree panoramic video. Be warned: you might get dizzy watching it!


Wednesday 22nd May: Nearly Half Way – What shall we ask the marketeers?

We are racing towards the mid way point in our All Our Stories Heritage Lottery Fund Project with Miles Coverdale School. It has been a wonderful adventure so far; exploring the market, learning about its past and looking to the future.  The children have been so brilliant to work with – full of questions, curiosity, and open minds.

The Hammersmith & City line passes over the market between Goldhawk Road and Shepherd’s Bush Market Underground Stations so on my way to our 4th Session at Miles Coverdale School yesterday, I took the opportunity to peer over into the market and its back yard before wondering how it all might look a few years hence.  It will be fascinating for the children to be part of the story, through interviewing current marketeers, visitors, customers and supporters of the market and hearing their stories and memories first hand.

Here is a poem written by Falak about the market and its present day diversity:

In the Shepherd’s Bush Market,
I can see wonderful things.
Like necklaces and bracelets,
And beautiful rings.

In the Shepherd’s Bush Market,
I love to see
So many countries,
In front of me.

We were in planning mode this week, thinking about a future visit to the market when we’ll be filming and interviewing stall holders and shoppers in the hope of uncovering more stories and memories.  We also took some time to work with Jules Tipton to practice our drama skills which will be used for our end of project performance.  The children are excited, as we are too!


Wednesday 15 May: Let’s Visit the Archive and Meet the Professionals!

 That was fun! 

Miles Coverdale Year 3 class today visited us at the Lilla Huset in Hammersmith to meet professionals working on future plans for Shepherd Bush Market and to visit the Hammersmith & Fulham Archive & Local Archive Centre.

After hearing from the architects and hearing all about the potential changes and development at the market, children participated in a carousel of workshops to learn more about the work of the professionals.  They looked at a model of Shepherd’s Bush Market and posed some tricky and brilliantly curious questions to the architects before exploring the pros and cons of redevelopment.

Downstairs in the borough Archives, children learnt all about the importance of our historical record and how it is preserved. We saw a 360 year old book and studied the microfilms from Hammersmith Gazette before studying old newspaper clippings for stories of how Shepherd’s Bush Market used to be.

Thanks to all involved for a busy and fun session!

Wednesday 8th May: Exploring Shepherd’s Bush Market

Today Miles Coverdale Year 3 set off to Shepherd’s Bush Market to explore its stalls, shops and stories.  The children completed a trail looking at all of the various goods sold today at the market and were able to meet many of the marketeers also.

They saw bangles & belly-dancing outfits, fish & fruit, jewellery & jugs, household goods, hijabs & halal meat, rugs & reggae music, west African foods and fabrics, shoes, eels & electronics, crabs & children’s toys, a parrot and a whole lot more!

Year 3 learnt how some shops had been there a long time; like E. Mills and Son Linoleum Ltd since 1916 and Websters Record Shop and African Farms for over 40 years.

Children described the market as colourful, friendly, delicious,  interesting, warm, wicked, noisy, smelly and fun.

Wednesday 1st May: Project Kick Off!

Emily today met Miles Coverdale Year 3 to kick of our Heritage Lottery Funded Shepherd’s Bush Market project.  In the classroom we learnt about the project and what we would be doing for the next 10 weeks.  We looked at what we already knew about Shepherd’s bush Market by answering a questionnaire. Most children knew something or a lot about the market and many said that they visited the market at least once a week.  The children are particularly looking forward to visiting the market, helping to make a film,  and learning outside of the classroom.

The children looked at where Shepherd’s Bush is on a map, along with other local landmarks, before hearing about the history of the Market and thinking about how it might change in future.

Did you know that the Market started in 1914 and is nearly 100 years old?  Did you know that they used to sell rabbits at the market?

The children then wrote a poem, imagining what it would be like in the market many years ago.

We are really looking forward  hearing stories from people on the market, our friends and our families too.  Thanks to all of the children for their enthusiasm, curiosity and hard work in the session!



We are excited to be working with Y3 from Miles Coverdale Primary School to explore, learn and capture the heritage of Shepherd’s Bush Market.

The market will soon undergo regeneration, changing it forever, so with the help of local experts and us at the Urban Studies Centre, this Heritage Lottery Fund ‘All Our Stories’ project will engage the children in the Market’s stories, both past and present.

Through experiences, images, words and film, we will create a new educational trail, a series of lesson plans, a film, an assembly and a travelling display all about the market.

Watch this space for more information as the project progresses. We can’t wait to get started!