World War One

The Urban Studies Centre worked with St. Thomas of Canterbury’s Year 5 on a project to discover what Hammersmith and Fulham was like during the First World War and to explore their school’s links to local WW1 hero Edward Dwyer.

The children visited many of the local places that have important links to World War One, including Fulham Palace and the Margravine Cemetery where they talked with professionals to discover First World War heritage.

They made their own delicious trench stew and ate it in the greenhouses of Ravenscourt Park and designed their own lively WW1 posters.

At the end of the project they worked with a theatre professional to create a performance about Hammersmith and Fulham’s First World War which they performed at a school assembly.

The resources created consist of a series of lesson plans on exploring your local heritage location. Accompanying the lesson plans are case studies of each of the sessions detailing project work from St. Thomas of Canterbury and providing a practical use and example of the educational resource. There is also an interactive map to help locate the heritage locations.

WW1 Lesson Plans

WW1 Case Studies

WW1 Interactive map

Fulham WW1 trail

This project was possible due to a First World War: then and now grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund.