Old Oak : Sharing our ideas to improve our environment!

23rd October

On Friday, our mini designers completed their URBAN STEAM project by presenting and filming their finished projects. 

The variety of ideas by the individuals and groups were pretty impressive for Year 4.

Throughout the presentations and the project overall, it was clear that Old Oak children care a lot about their environment being built using recycled materials, having clean air and they take heed of the words of influential environmentalists such as Sir David Attenborough. This was echoed with ideas about encouraging more bees back into the local environment! The current pandemic also played a strong emphasis in some designs with having a strong focus on stopping the spread of germs such as the traffic light system which automatically detects you are there when you are at the crossing.  The lights then change. This way you do not have to press the button hence finding a way of stopping the spread of germs as there isn’t a need to press the button anymore. Innovative don’t you think?

The children enjoyed their presentations just as much as the design and making and even thought about ways to improve their designs if they were to take part in the project again!

Each child received a well deserved Certificate of Achievement as a well done for taking part in the project! We look forward to running the project with the 2nd half of the class when we return after half term!

See you soon!   Lydia