Bazalgette’s London Winter 2020 Update

It’s been a tricky year of course, we all know that but we have tried our hardest to stay focused and deliver our Bazalgette’s London project at schools and local community groups with support from the National Lottery Heritage Fund.

Some of the activities we’ve delivered over the second half of 2020 included:

  • Guided walks for Action on Disability during the summer.
  • School workshops with Christ Church C of E and St Cuthbert with St Matthias C of E Primaries during the Autumn term.

Guided Walks

During the summer holidays, we organized two guided walks for our friends from Action on Disability. Luckily, we have two of Bazalgette’s bridges in Hammersmith and Fulham: Hammersmith and Putney. Firstly, we went on walk to Hammersmith Bridge to see and learn more Hammersmith bridge.


After visiting Hammersmith Bridge, we invited the group to our classroom where they had the chance to build bridges with marshmallow and pasta, it was fun and sticky!


Later in the summer, we were contacted again by Action on Disability to go for a local walk, and this time we headed towards the other Bazalgette bridge in LBHF, Putney Bridge.

We then visited Bishop’s Park, we we enjoyed a nice view of Putney Bridge.













We finished the day with a visit to Fulham Palace beautiful grounds.

School Sessions

During the Autumn Term 2020 we were lucky enough to be able to work with two schools in The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. Students were introduced to Bazalgette’s work, visited the Chelsea Embankment and Battersea Bridge (another one designed by Sir Joseph), carried our practical activities and made some art.

Christ Church C of E School (Chelsea)

Thanks to the amazing Yr5 teacher Ms Davies and her charming class, we studied how Bazalgette’s work shaped London and Chelsea. We visited the Embankment, Albert Bridge (repaired by Bazalgette) and got to sketch a nice view of Battersea Bridge.

St Cuthbert with St Matthias C of E School (Earl’s Court)

We finished the year with school sessions at St Cuthbert school in Earl Court. Children enjoyed learning about the ‘Great Stink’ and how Bazalgette helped make London a cleaner city while saving thousands of lives.

All in all, we’ve had a good year engaging community and school groups with Bazalgette’s Heritage and hope to continue soon this year!