Interviews and Filming at Shepherd’s Bush Market

Yesterday was film day.

Miles Coverdale Year 3 set off to Shepherd’s Bush Market with clipboards full of filming tasks; their challenge was to interview stall holders, shop keepers and visiting public to explore and capture stories of Shepherd’s Bush Market.

Here are some photos of the day, taken by the children ……

Abdulahi interviews a shopkeeper who's business moved into the shop in 1936

We interviewed many of the stall holders and shop keepers, learning of the stories of their families and how they came to work at the market.  One shop holder told us of how horses were once kept under the arches, another how the market used to be so busy that you couldn’t walk across from one side to the other.


….and here’s a link to a video taken of the market, also to fulfill mission:explore‘s Summer Camp Day 5 challenge of taking a 360 degree panoramic video. Be warned: you might get dizzy watching it!