Old Oak on the Scrubs!

Urban STEAM Project
Friday 18th Sept

This week we went hunting on the scrubs, recapping on our learning last we thought about what materials different designers may use and the importance of trying to source materials locally.
Unanimously, the children decided that what ever they built or designed, they wanted it to be made from local materials in order to be more sustainable ‘Yes they know what this word means, they are a bright bunch!’
We searched and collected natural materials which we took back to school to analyse and classify into groups. This will help inform us when it comes to our designing and making (which we are can’t wait for by the way). We now have a greater idea of which material would be good for building and which materials have properties which are not suitable!
Next week we plan to start designing. Most of us already have a design problem which we are thinking about a solution for and better still we have a contact at HS2 who we can to email questions to to help us with our design process!
See you next week!