Our YR 10 Work Experience at The Urban Studies Centre

Our Experience by Ryan & Tyrell

Ryan and Tyrell Working here has been very different from school as you get treated as an equal, as though you are an adult. The employees who work here have been very friendly and helpful. Whilst here I have improved my communication skills and confidence as I have had to work with children from different schools which were equally different. You get a sense of responsibility as I found out doing various tasks from designing bags, to be used as an example for activities at schools, and designing a poster, used for advertising a local event to just doing simple administration work like sharpening pencils or tidying the office. Whilst at those schools I realised how much my life has changed over the 4 years at secondary school and how quickly you go from doing your year 6 SAT s to having to do coursework or revising for your GCSEs. Being here has been very different, as I have said, but it has been educational and very fun and I would do another week if I could.

By Ryan Hughes

Whilst working at the Urban Studies Centre I have developed many new skills . The staff I have worked with have been both welcoming and helpful. I have enjoyed the fact that I’m treated as a young adult rather than a student at school. Over the course of the week I have attended primary schools helping teaching children about their environment and ways in which to improve it. Being back in primary school showed how far I have come as a pupil. I have also been trusted to carry out multiple tasks such as creating an advertisement to admin work. I believe that working here at the Urban Studies Centre has opened my eyes to the world of work and has pushed me to work harder at school. It has been a pleasure and I wouldn’t say no to another day.

By Tyrell Marguerite



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  • Mary-Lou Wedderburn

    Two excellent pieces, and striking that both Ryan and Tyrrell said how good it was to be treated as adult equals, rather than children, and given worthwhile things to do. Well done to all concerned!

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