Robert: Urbanwise London Volunteer

Hello, my name is Robert, having travelled to different parts of the world and worked in the logistics industry for several years, I began to grow an appreciation of the places I have visited. I began to ask myself questions about the interdependence within and between nature and society and how international political divisions, inequalities and distributions of power have shaped an increasingly globalised world. In order to understand more I decided to study for a Masters in Environment, Politics and Globalisation at King’s college London and I am currently in my second term. My belief is that states, stakeholders and individuals are all responsible for their actions. However, the responsibility should be a collective one, and to quote the late Iris Marion Young this should be a ‘shared collective responsibility’, which ideally could promote cooperation and collective action.
My desire to learn more prompted me to seek voluntary work during my Masters programme and I have been fortunate enough to be given an internship role at Urbanwise London. The focal point of Urbanwise’s ethos is to encourage children and young people to engage in a diverse range of projects that involve them getting hands-on experience. This revolves around many of their projects and activities created and initiated by the experienced staff, which focus on; geography, history, environment, science and social responsibility.
While interning for Urbanwise, I hope to enhance my knowledge and gain experience working for an NGO and environmental charity. I believe, the concept adopted by Urbanwise of teaching environmental awareness and collective action at grassroots level is integral to shaping the future into a better world.