World Car Free Day 2017

On 22nd September Urbanwise.London collaborated with local organisations and schools to produce the World Car Free Day event in which 170 school children attended. Pupils from both KS1 and KS2 learnt about healthier, safer and more sustainable alternatives than just driving a car! Most importantly keeping the areas that we live in today with cleaner air for future generations.


During the event St Mary’s, Larmenier and Sacred Heart school groups were openly welcomed by Bute House Prep organisers who split the children into groups and got them to take part in the fun opening activities. KS1 children had a go at a Seasonal Apple Peeling Competition (delivered by the Hammersmith Community Garden Association), the Disco Bike (delivered by Sustrans) and a taste of Tennis by Eelbrook Tennis.

KS2 groups were given an insightful introduction and Road Safety quiz by our own director Moya. Urbanwise staff with help from volunteer Manny gave the children a beneficial fun activity on how to make a Smoothie using a bike! Children got rewarded after their amazing hard work with their very own custom-made smoothie made by themselves! They also had the chance to get involved in an important Bike Training session (delivered by Bikeworks) which lead to a skilful slow bike race.

In the early afternoon, the wider community was invited to participate in activities where children had a well-deserved ride on the Rickshaw, ‘pimped’ up their bikes and did some partying thanks to Sustrans Disco Bike!

Overall the bright sunshine (and receiving good dose of vitamin D from it) made this a great fun and learning experience for all the school children involved. Specially staff drinking healthy smoothie drinks after a fun, hard day’s work.

Urbanwise.London would like to thank all the staff and volunteer who helped put this event together: Ash and Melissa (Bute House Prep School); Manny ( Volunteer); Simon, Richard Evans & Richard Duffill, Gerard John, Rob (LBHF Transportation and Road Safety staff), Zoe and Milena (Hammersmith Community Gardens), Jake (Sustrans), Lourdes (Bikeworks) and Bali (Eel Brook tennis) who made this a very successful event!

Please walk, cycle, scoot through quiet roads and avoid driving as much as possible!

(all photographs by  Justin Thomas)